About The Bernard Group

The Bernard Group is a visual merchandising company that works with retail giants like Adidas, Patagonia, and Sephora. Over the last twenty years, The Bernard Group has proven its ability to consistently execute on complex ideas at the very highest levels, from design all the way to manufacturing.


Fueling growth with external cloud operations support 

As the leader in its field, The Bernard Group has ambitious goals for continued growth and success, VP of Technology Enablement Paul Vigliaturo tells us. 

To accomplish this, the company needed to streamline their cloud operations and optimize their cloud environment for cost, reliability, scalability, and security, without pulling resources away from internal projects. The Bernard Group has a small team of twenty software engineers, and many of them already wear multiple hats. Working on cloud operations would detract from their core responsibilities.

“We need to have secure and robust operations to run the business. But we needed to free our developers up from those responsibilities, so they could focus their time on software engineering development instead of cloud operations.” – Paul Vigliaturo, VP of Technology Enablement, The Bernard Group


Highly-qualified support from Cloudnexa’s Cloud Architect Manager (CAM) services 

When originally considering AWS partners, Paul was impressed by how responsive and invested Cloudnexa’s leadership team were, from the start. They offered solutions that were tailored to The Bernard Group’s needs and made concrete suggestions about implementations the company had been considering, even before signing a contract.  

With an ongoing retainer, The Cloudnexa team’s extensive expertise and fast responsiveness gives The Bernard Group the best solution for their use case on the first try, saving them hours of trial and error. 

Cloudnexa’s cloud architect manager services accelerates The Bernard Group’s cloud operations and allows them to fully allocate their internal resources to product and feature development, instead of spending time learning about AWS services and cloud structures.

“With enough time and effort, we could probably work through almost everything on our own eventually, but why would we want to do that? With Cloudnexa, we can accelerate DevOps significantly. We’d rather have our top engineers working on building new features instead of operations.”
– Paul Vigliaturo, VP of Technology Enablement, The Bernard Group


Accelerated adoption of AWS 

In the 15+ months they’ve worked together, Paul’s trust in Cloudnexa has increased steadily as he’s seen what they can do. Today, he’s confident that the support his team has received from Cloudnexa’s cloud architect manager services has made it easier for The Bernard Group to adapt and accelerate their adoption of AWS cloud services.

The value of Cloudnexa’s support has only increased as time goes on. As The Bernard Group has steadily increased IT headcount, they’ve been able to rely on Cloudnexa’s ongoing support and focus their recruiting on different staffing needs that might otherwise have been neglected. 

Paul estimates that working with Cloudnexa is at least 50% less expensive than hiring an internal cloud operations resource—and the 24/7 support and expertise Cloudnexa offers compounds those savings. 

Finally, The Bernard Group has improved staff retention, and software engineers report higher job satisfaction thanks to Cloudnexa: They can focus on the coding and programming work they love without worrying about cloud operations or learning the ins and outs of AWS infrastructure.

“The more we work with Cloudnexa, the more insights they provide, and the more we see their value. It compounds over time. We would not be as far along in our progress and our journey to mature our Cloud practices as we are now without Cloudnexa.”
– Paul Vigliaturo, VP of Technology Enablement, The Bernard Group

About Cloudnexa and AWS

Cloudnexa represents limitless potential with the power to transform small businesses into industry leaders and scale global organizations into agile innovators. At Cloudnexa, we help you harness that potential and leverage it to achieve any goal you can imagine. We engineer solutions for success on your terms.

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