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AWS Security and Compliance is a set of services, tools, and automation that help you more rapidly assess your security posture and help ensure compliance so that you can focus on business innovation.

AWS Security and Compliance offer solutions to help you meet your organization’s security and compliance requirements.


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Achieve Security, Compliance, and Operational Excellence on AWS

Achieve Security, Compliance, and Operational Excellence on AWS

AWS and Cloudnexa prepare your organization for emerging cyber threats head-on and proactively manage risk. We develop a greater capacity for innovation and adaptability in the face of chronic and ever-changing cyber threats.

AWS Config Powered Solution

AWS Config provides simplified configuration management and can help align with various compliance and regulatory frameworks. With AWS Config, an organization can establish a baseline configuration of security controls needed to reduce or mitigate the risk to assets. Through it’s ability to provide continuous monitoring, users can ensure that security policies designed to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data remain enforced. These capabilities aid in compliance auditing, security analysis, resource change tracking, and troubleshooting.

AWS Web Application Firewalls

Cloudnexa helps enterprises elevate their security and compliance postures while increasing agility using AWS Control Tower and AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities. We configure these services to work together as part of a holistic architecture, delivering visibility into compliance status and enabling businesses to enforce controls at scale. Customers benefit from automated provisioning for AWS accounts using tools such as Terraform infrastructure-as-code, ensuring alignment with best practices and regulatory requirements across multi-account environments. Cloudnexa provides full-scope support to ensure clients can more easily adhere to corporate standards, protect against web exploits that can compromise security, and maintain ongoing compliance.

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Let's get you started with security and compliance. Contact us and get our expert guidance.

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