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Seamlessly & Securely Deploy Desktops on Several Devices

Leverage Amazon Workspaces to provision Windows or Linux desktops within a matter of minutes and seamlessly scale to provide thousands of desktops to workers anywhere in the world.

Seamlessly & Securely Deploy Desktops on Several Devices

Leverage Amazon Workspaces to provision Windows or Linux desktops within a matter of minutes and seamlessly scale to provide thousands of desktops to workers anywhere in the world.

The cloud’s importance to society and corporations became more obvious during the pandemic. It allowed organizations to use remote teams to ensure business continuity. However, this switch to the remote world comes with its own set of drawbacks.

With employees using their personal desktops, it can pose security and performance difficulties if the device isn’t properly protected or has insufficient memory or processing power. Virtual desktops from Amazon Workspaces enable organizations to enable their workforce to be remote, agile, and secure.


AWS End User Computing Services

The workforce of today is increasingly mobile. They are traveling, working remotely, and switching between projects. They also work together across organizations, time zones, and borders.

We provide AWS End User Computing (EUC) services as a Top-Tier AWS Partner to allow you the flexibility to react to the shifting needs of your workforce. Without deploying and running infrastructure, you may scale up or down as needed to give your users the required resources.

Amazon WorkSpaces is ideal for any situation
where desktop needs can change quickly

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Benefits of End User Computing

Remote Desktop

With just a few clicks, Remote Desktop Provision can quickly scale to supply thousands of desktops to workers all over the world, running either Windows or Linux.

Collaborative Document Sharing

Accessible from anywhere on any device, the material can be created, edited, and shared with ease.

Streaming of Virtual Applications

On AppStream 2.0, you can centrally manage your desktop applications and safely distribute them to any operations.

Secure Intranet Access on the Go

Give your staff mobile phone access to your internal company websites and online apps in a safe, convenient manner.


Why Amazon WorkSpaces?

We ensure the transformation to Amazon Workspaces is as seamless as possible for organizations and end users.

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Your Windows desktop and business-critical data is hosted on the AWS Cloud, and never leaves a securely managed environment.

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Flexible and Scalable

Get started in minutes and grow your deployment from just a few users to tens of thousands with ease. Amazon WorkSpaces scales seamlessly with your needs and at your pace.


Amazon WorkSpaces requires no upfront investments or long-term commitment. You pay only for what you use, make your IT expenses predictable, and lower your costs.

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Amazon WorkSpaces is built on the highly reliable AWS Cloud that supports mission-critical workloads for many startups, enterprises, and government organizations.

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Fast, Familiar Interface

Amazon WorkSpaces offers a fluid, highly interactive user experience that adjusts dynamically to network conditions. Your users can access familiar Windows desktops with full fidelity from iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices, and select smartphones.

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Easy to Manage

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed Desktop-as- a-Service solution. The intuitive Amazon WorkSpaces admin console allows you to connect to your on-premises Microsoft Active Directory, manage applications, and control user access.

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Globally Available

Amazon WorkSpaces is available in multiple AWS regions. Global access allows you to add users in new regions simply and cost-effectively, and data remains in the region you assign it to for compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Consistent Performance

Amazon WorkSpaces runs on the massive compute infrastructure of AWS so it can offer consistent performance at any scale. Moreover, as the underlying infrastructure improves, you enjoy improved performance with predictable costs.


Amazon Workspaces

With Amazon WorkSpaces, you can access resources from any Windows and Linux-supported device and enjoy the convenience of having one login that works across your entire business.

How it works


Amazon AppStream 2.0

Applications and non-persistent desktops are accessible in a secure, dependable, and scalable environment from any location.

With Amazon AppStream 2.0, you can remotely access your work from anywhere with an internet connection.


How it works

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