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Security Expertise & AWS Intelligence

  • Improve Cloud Security

    By leveraging the skills of an AWS MSSP Partner like Cloudnexa, enterprises can improve their cloud security posture and sustain it with professional observation 24/7.
  • Security Responsibilities Assistance

    We help you offload cloud security responsibilities so you can focus on core business operations.
  • AWS Supporting Product

    With the use of supporting products from AWS Security Competency ISV Partners and native AWS security services like AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS Solutions Implementations, we have developed offerings that operationalize security tools, skill sets, and processes.
  • Fully Managed Security Service

    Our offerings are uniquely designed to protect, assess, and enhance your AWS cloud environment, delivered to you as a fully managed service.
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Managed Security Services


Every organization needs clear insight into the vast array of potential security concerns. Cloudnexa can help spot vulnerabilities, identify mitigation strategies, and highlight actionable steps to boost security and reduce risks. Our Managed Security solutions help organizations seamlessly scale their cloud services and successfully navigate expanding compliance requirements.


Moving to the cloud can promote creativity, quicken digital transformation, and save capital expenditures, helping businesses keep a competitive edge. To maintain compliance and keep track of current threats during this transition and beyond, cloud security posture management technologies provide improved visibility into your cloud security posture.

Today, cloud security breaches are a common occurrence, with the majority of breaches coming from cloud configuration issues. By using automated compliance monitoring and security assessments, CSPM systems enable businesses to recognize threats and take appropriate action.

By scanning your AWS environment for common compliance requirements, Cloudnexa assists in identifying instances where AWS accounts and the settings deployed do not adhere to AWS security best practices.


Leverage the combined expertise of Cloudnexa and our partner, Alert Logic.

A managed detection and response (MDR) service focuses on producing a significant security outcome intended to address pre-breach and post-breach concerns. With real-time access to information regarding risk, vulnerabilities, remediation activities, configuration exposures, and compliance status, enterprises can focus on each threat in a prioritized manner.

Managed detection and response services help organizations become more flexible in choosing the most appropriate level of protection for each asset. This ensures each asset has the right coverage to achieve the desired security outcome.


  • Achieve the intended security outcome
  • Real-time access to all information
  • State-of-the-art threat intelligence
  • Round-the-clock security operations and remediation guidance
  • Flexible protection that is suited to your particular company’s needs


With Endpoint Protection, companies can prepare for threats smarter and quicker.

Leverage unified visibility, administration, and role-based access control and adopt the Endpoint security service to safeguard user endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads. Get specialized protection that is optimized for your various endpoint and cloud environments without the expense and complexity of deploying several-point solutions.


  • A complete discovery, visibility, and reporting across environments
  • Accelerated incident response
  • Full range of security capabilities
  • Protection against vulnerabilities
  • Achieve and maintain regulatory and compliance requirements

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