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Our managed cloud support allows businesses to tap into the power of cloud computing without the pain of having to do it themselves. It starts with the simple truth: " The cloud must be managed by someone.” That’s where Cloudnexa comes in. A top-tier AWS partner since 2008, supercharging enterprises with the power of AWS best practices. With our broad portfolio of Managed Cloud Services, your business gets equipped with the most efficient cloud infrastructure needed to transform your business and prepare it for the future.


As Your Managed Cloud Service Provider

We cover all the aspects of your cloud transformation. From thoroughly analyzing your business objectives and growth strategy to migrating your data to managing your cloud, we make sure to improve security, automation, and compliance and provide frictionless innovation.

AWS Managed Cloud Support


Our combination of certified AWS Cloud experts and our Cloudscan platform can help you achieve a comprehensive and continuously improving approach to support your cloud infrastructure regardless of the complexities involved.

We provide 24x7 operations support encompassing every aspect of your cloud infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.

Continuous monitoring maintains availability and system health across various servers, containers, and serverless infrastructures.
  • Setup Performance Monitors
  • Create Availability Alerts
  • AWS Service Monitoring
  • Establish Escalation Procedures

Regular deep-dives with expert cloud technicians to analyze your cloud management’s key performance metrics and technical aspects.
  • Diagnose Service Issues
  • Recommend Remediations
  • Standardized Runbooks
  • Corrective Maintenance

We help you align with the latest AWS technology advancements to prevent issues from occurring and resolve them immediately.
  • Provide Issue MGT System
  • Manage Incident Lifecycles
  • Formal Incident Analysis
  • Resolve According to SLA

We provide ease to recovering your data and keeping your business running. Whatever incidents may occur, your data is backed up safely.
  • Create a Backup Plan
  • Schedule Backups
  • Perform Data Recovery
  • Manage Retention

Allowing you to focus on delivering business value while we take routine AWS cloud management off your plate.
  • OS Patching
  • AWS Scheduled Events
  • Platform Updates
  • Change Management Procedures

Cloud security specialists and cloud technicians make personalized recommendations to ensure the safety of your cloud infrastructure.
  • User Account Management
  • Enabled Auditing Tools
  • User Account Management
  • HIPAA Compliance Configurations

We automate comparing recorded configurations to desired configurations while continuously monitoring and recording your AWS resource configurations.
  • Access Management
  • Billing Management
  • Networking Management
  • Best Practice Cloud

Automatic audits ensure your AWS accounts are optimized and operating at full efficiency.
  • Complimentary Access
  • Multi-Account Support
  • Color Coded Dashboard
  • Continuous AWS Account Scanning

Providing AWS Skills and Competencies Needed For Success

Since 2008, Cloudnexa has identified, validated, and promoted itself as an AWS partner with AWS technical skills, experience, and proven customer success rates in specialized areas in various industries. Our cloud guidance and AWS-managed cloud support lead enterprises to get better and more significant results.


Helping Enterprises Harness the Power of the Cloud to Unlock Real Business Potential

Our managed cloud experts have the experience, expertise, and certifications proven to put together a cloud infrastructure and cloud management process to ensure operational excellence in the cloud.

Shared Responsibility Model

Our Cloud Architect Manager offering can help relieve the operational burden of cloud deployments through a shared responsibility model between Cloudnexa, our customer, and AWS.

  • Customer Responsibility
  • Cloudnexa Responsibility
  • AWS Responsibility
Customer Data
Identity and Access Management
Network & Firewall Configuration
OS, DB Engines, & Platforms
System Maintenance
Architectural & Best Practices
Cost Optimization Reviews
Operational Standardization
Knowledge Share
Service Availability
AWS Console
AWS Global Infrastructure
Availability Zones
Edge Locations

Cloud Insights and Innovation

Take a deep dive into the latest cloud technology and advancements.

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