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Collaboratively work with our customers to continuously plan, design, and optimize, AWS deployments.

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Plan & Optimize Your AWS Needs With Cloud Architect Manager Services

Organizations in every industry face the growing requirement to improve their digital transformation activities in a world where technology is constantly changing. Despite this obvious necessity, over half of the initiatives fall short of their objectives because business and technological needs are inconsistent.

IT departments still far too frequently find themselves operating in a bubble. They commonly deal with a lack of oversight and clarity from corporate leaders, which results from inadequate departmental coordination and communication. Without the right direction and leadership, no digital transformation project can be expected to succeed, even if the required capabilities are present.


As Your Cloud Architect Manager Service Provider

Any project involving a cloud transition needs a solutions architect. Whether you're considering implementing new business processes or modernizing old ones, our solutions architects are at your service. By carefully analyzing your business needs, matching technical solutions to those needs, and monitoring the management of those solutions moving forward, they will play a crucial part in your digital transition.

Discover the Best Cloud Solution for Your Business

As cloud strategies become increasingly vital and complex, our cloud architects can help organizations avoid risk and ensure a successful, cost-effective transition to the cloud.


Cloudnexa’s Solution Architect will examine the current state of the organization’s systems to determine how the ideal solution can best fit within the cloud. The evaluation can be on an existing solution, or on a newly envisioned one not yet implemented. This process will involve collaborative working with all the business stakeholders to ensure the end result best aligns with our customers resources and skillsets.


Picking the right AWS service is critical to the success of any cloud deployment. In addition to a proper geographical footprint, Cloudnexa’s Solution Architect will review the solutions' performance, scalability, and availability requirements to propose the best cloud frameworks to leverage, control, and maintain applications.


Designing an AWS Cloud solution that is operationally effective, reliable, secure, and cost-effective while planning for future company goals and initiatives.


Collaboratively working to resolve technical issues through sharing expertise, ongoing research, and profound analysis of the identified problems as they arise.


Cloudnexa will ensure all of our communication is focused on educating our customers while building trust-based relationships. Our transparent process for implementing and managing cloud solutions will help create the environment for your business to succeed.


On-going account review services to identify new remediation plans.

Cloud Architect Manager Skillsets

Leverage the support of a dedicated Cloud Solution Architect to help plan and optimize your AWS needs.

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  • 4 years average hands on AWS Cloud experience
  • 10+ years average overall IT experience
  • Team assisted over 200+ customers with their AWS infrastructure
  • Team assisted in management of over 2,000 workloads
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  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Level
  • AWS Certified DevOps - Professional Level
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level
  • AWS Certified Sysops - Associate Level
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level
  • Trend Micro Certified Professional for Deep Security
  • Additional Certifications Vary by Assigned Resource
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  • Well-Architected Framework Reviews
  • DevOps & Automation
  • Migrations & Migration Readiness Assessments
  • Security of the Cloud
  • Compliance (HIPAA, PCI, FedRAMP)
  • AWS Best Practices
  • Cost Optimization
  • AWS Service Modernization
  • Disaster Recovery & Highly Available Strategies

Build, Manage, and Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure With AWS Cloud Specialists

As an AWS Premier Partner since 2008, we’ve enabled businesses to adopt AWS best practices and new-age architectures in the cloud, making them ready for whatever the future holds. Our experience and expertise show us how to build efficient, fast, and maintainable architectures.

Shared Responsibility Model

Our Cloud Architect Manager offering can help relieve the operational burden of cloud deployments through a shared responsibility model between Cloudnexa, our customer, and AWS.

  • Customer Responsibility
  • Cloudnexa Responsibility
  • AWS Responsibility
Customer Data
Identity and Access Management
Network & Firewall Configuration
OS, DB Engines, & Platforms
System Maintenance
Architectural & Best Practices
Cost Optimization Reviews
Operational Standardization
Knowledge Share
Service Availability
AWS Console
AWS Global Infrastructure
Availability Zones
Edge Locations

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