Cloud Acceleration Program for AWS Environments

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Business Benefits of the Cloud Acceleration Program

The strategic deployment of highly experienced resources, each carefully mapped to your organization’s unique needs and objectives, empowers your business to realize the full value of the cloud—faster, more cost-efficiently, and with less risk.

1. Address resource gaps and misalignments with AWSspecific skill sets, enabling your internal assets to focus on moving your core business forward.

2. Avoid unstructured cloud spend by ensuring your strategy remains in sync with your organizational goals.

3. Optimize automation and other AWS services to continue building on the benefits of cloud.

Solution Benefits

1. Customized support drives the outcomes that are most important to your business

2. Skilled experts available to manage your AWS environment

3. Clearly defined deliverables ensure alignment with strategic organizational goals

4. Highly cost-efficient program structure focuses resources where you need them

5. Experienced guidance eliminates wasted effort and accelerates your cloud journey

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Transforming Your Cloud Infrastructure

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Our Cloud Acceleration Program opens doors to a team of certified cloud individuals equipped with sound knowledge and expertise to ensure your cloud migration, management, security, and compliance is taken care of.


We build a custom CAP team around each participant’s particular blend of requirements, strategy, and objectives. Our capabilities run deep across the full spectrum of cloud enablement, and provide a solid foundation for success.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Empowering businesses’ cloud infrastructure with AWS best practices

With a team of certified cloud experts that have proven experience that brings efficiency and a complete transition of processes at a quicker turnaround, operational excellence in the cloud is guaranteed.

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Shared Responsibility Model

Our Cloud Architect Manager offering can help relieve the operational burden of cloud deployments through a shared responsibility model between Cloudnexa, our customer, and AWS.

  • Customer Responsibility
  • Cloudnexa Responsibility
  • AWS Responsibility
Customer Data
Identity and Access Management
Network & Firewall Configuration
OS, DB Engines, & Platforms
System Maintenance
Architectural & Best Practices
Cost Optimization Reviews
Operational Standardization
Knowledge Share
Service Availability
AWS Console
AWS Global Infrastructure
Availability Zones
Edge Locations

Cloud Insights and Innovation

Take a deep dive into the latest cloud technology and advancements.

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