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Deliver content securely while maintaining fast transfer speeds and low latency.

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Points of Presence

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AWS Global Edge Network

Customers can avoid the congestion of the public internet because AWS runs a private network backbone between AWS Regions and Edge Locations.

  • Edge Locations
  • Multiple Edge Locations
  • Regional Edge Caches

AWS CloudFront Services

A content delivery network (CDN), such as Amazon CloudFront, is a distributed system that distributes apps, websites, and content to users in accordance with variables such as users’ locations or the sources of the content and delivery servers.

To provide low latency, high transfer speeds, and highly secure content to your end users, CloudFront makes use of the AWS network of over 410 interconnected points of presence and edge locations around the globe.


AWS CloudFront Integration

As a Top-Tier AWS Partner, Cloudnexa enables organizations to embrace the benefits of AWS CloudFront by seamless integration with AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall, and Amazon Route 53.

CloudFront offers the most cutting-edge security features, including field level encryption and HTTPS support, to defend against a variety of assaults, including network and application layer DDoS attacks. These services co-exist at edge networking locations and are scaled globally and connected via the AWS network backbone, giving your users a more reliable, fast, and secure experience.


How it works


Use Cases


Deliver Fast, Secure Websites

With built-in data compression, edge computing capabilities, and field-level encryption, you can instantly reach viewers all around the world.


Distribute Patches and Updates

Scale automatically to provide over-the-air (OTA) software updates, game patches, and IoT upgrades at scale and at high transfer rates.


Stream Live and On-Demand Video

With the connection of AWS Media Service and AWS Elemental, streams can be started rapidly, played consistently, and high-quality video can be delivered to any device.


Accelerate Dynamic Content Delivery and APIs

With the purpose-built and feature-rich AWS global network infrastructure supporting edge termination and WebSockets, you can optimize the delivery of dynamic online content.

Benefits of Implementing Amazon CloudFront

Icon Security

Improves Security

Protected by AWS Global Network Security Procedures, including DDoS protection, geo-restrictions, and a wide range of compliances such as HIPAA, PCI, and ISO.

Icon Integration

Service Integration

Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route 53, Web Application Firewall, and AWS Elemental Media Services are all integrated with Amazon CloudFront, making it simple to get started.

Icon Performance

Improves Performance

CloudFront automatically maps network conditions and intelligently routes your user’s traffic to the most performant AWS edge location to serve up cached or dynamic content.

Icon Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Through Cloudnexa our clients can save an immediate savings of up to 80% on their CloudFront usage. Your users' traffic will be routed to the most efficient AWS edge location based on network conditions, and CloudFront will automatically serve up cached or dynamic content.

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A Top-tier AWS Partner Since 2008

Some of the most well-known businesses in the world rely on CloudFront for their content delivery. As an AWS Premier Partner, Cloudnexa has been helping organizations leverage the best AWS practices and tools to ensure the best outcomes.

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