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Modernize your cloud experience with an AWS premier partner that understands how businesses need to evolve.
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Customer Engagement Cycle

An AWS Premier Partner’s expertise at your fingertips. Crafting success through innovation, scalability, and training.

Design Services

  • Cloud Readiness
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Modernization Assessment
  • Architecture Planning


  • Environment Builds
  • Automation Tools
  • Migration & Launch
  • Train & Document


  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Cost
  • Operational Excellence

Ongoing Management

  • Managed Cloud Support
  • Cloud Architect Manager
  • Security Services
  • DevOps
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Modern Application Development

Let Cloudnexa build and design your next web application with one of our competencies

Machine Learning

A subset of artificial intelligence, machine learning is the training of computer systems to perform a task without using explicit instructions.


Building modern applications with the lowest cost of total ownership. Serverless designs eliminates the need for traditional infrastructure management, maintenance and provisioning.


Expand your Multi-Tenant SaaS web application with our mobile services. Deploy iOS and Android apps that compliment your bussiness needs.

Multi-Tenant Web App

Consolidate your web services into a single multi tenant web application for users to access. Gain the scalability and cost savings with Cloudnexa's SaaS web application development service.

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