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Migrating your Windows apps to Amazon Web Services can improve speed, uptime, security, and overall performance significantly.

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AWS and Cloudnexa for Microsoft Workloads

As the Top-tier AWS partner since 2008, we have successfully helped enterprises make the switch to AWS with perfection. You can easily move and update your Microsoft workloads on the cloud with the help of Cloudnexa and AWS.

We help guarantee success in migrating and modernization of Microsoft workloads to AWS. Our cloud experts have Microsoft AWS Certification, allowing us to guarantee the best outcomes from migrating Microsoft workloads to AWS.

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Why AWS and Cloudnexa for Microsoft Workloads

Icon Flexibility

Greater Flexibility

Scale workloads by adding computer, storage, or database resources on short notice.

Icon Enhanced Sec

Enhanced Security

AWS supports over 90 security standards and compliance certifications, so customers can gain better protection and control over their data.

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License Flexibility

With flexible bring-your-own-license-to-AWS options, customers can enjoy more control and visibility of their license usage.

Icon Reduced Cost

Reduced TCO

Lower overall costs of running Windows-based applications in the cloud with a comprehensive family of Amazon EC2 instances and unique pricing models to choose from.


AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment

AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) can help you reassess your resources, reduce costs, and explore flexible licensing options tailored to your environment.

How it works


The Benefits of AWS OLA


Restructured Resources

Our tooling-based approach will help determine your actual utilization requirements to select the lowest cost AWS EC2 instance size and type based on our inventory data gathered from analyzing all workloads within each environment - this includes both hosted private clouds as well as spot instances if they exist.


Cost Efficient

You can maximize your ROI by leveraging AWS OLA to optimize the licenses on existing infrastructure. This way, you'll be able to apply those savings from an off-premises license into a more performant application in cloud environments without having any downtime or disruption during transitions.


Flexible Licensing Options

License-included and Bring Your License (BYOL) instances help you to avoid unnecessary licensing costs. The flexible options allow for seasonal workloads, agile experimentation as well as modeling dedicated environments so that only the needed licenses will be purchased instead of a whole bunch just in case.

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A Top-tier AWS Partner Since 2008

We have validated technological capabilities and demonstrated success in helping customers move, manage, or deploy Microsoft Workloads on AWS. Cloudnexa has the expertise to help you plan for a smooth transition, minimize downtime, and fully realize the benefits of the cloud by maximizing your organization's responsiveness, reliability, and efficiency in its use of cloud resources.

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