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Automatic audits to make sure your AWS accounts are optimized and operating at full efficiency.

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Cloud auditing is integral to every organization’s security program and standard operating procedure. The AWS cloud has introduced a profound paradigm shift in how organizations operate their technology environments. Periodic audits are no longer relevant; automated auditing of your cloud environment is the way of the present and future.


resources validated daily


AWS Services monitored daily


checks performed daily


Automated Cloud Auditing

With Cloudscan, you can be confident in your cloud compliance and security posture. Our automatic auditing solution gives you peace of mind that your data and workloads are protected.

No matter the size or industry, you can trust Cloudscan to provide a continuous deep dive into your infrastructure, providing technical insight, security, availability reporting, and ensuring AWS best practices are applied throughout the infrastructure.

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Cloud Design Assurance

Near real-time guidance to help you provision your resources adhering to AWS best practices.

  • Detailed Issue Explanations
  • Exports
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Supporting aggregated roll-up of all your AWS accounts and regions.

  • Simplified View
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Continuous Monitoring

A continuous deep dive into your infrastructure, providing technical insight, security and availability reporting.

  • Exclude False Positives
  • 30+ AWS Services

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