About Associa

Associa is the world’s leading community management service company, serving neighborhoods, HOAs, and management teams across the United States.

The Challenge

Maturing AWS governance—without internal resources

As one of the premier community management service companies in the United States, Associa has experienced rapid growth in the last few years. As a result, their AWS infrastructure has expanded organically as well.

Associa needed to ensure AWS accounts were optimized and operating at peak efficiency to support the company’s ambitious growth goals and limit unstructured spend. But Associa’s resources and engineers were focused on developing new features and improving their product for their customers. They didn’t have the time, resources or expertise to spare for AWS governance.

“We were focused on delivering features and functions and managing our growth. We needed to find a way to mature in our governance and in our management of our AWS infrastructure with experts who could guide us on best practices.”
– Greg Hamm, VP of Product and Technology, Associa

The Solution

Managed solutions for sustained, streamlined growth

Associa first started working with Cloudnexa on a Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR) to streamline their AWS infrastructure and reduce unnecessary costs. The company was so impressed with the work that they signed an ongoing retainer for Cloudnexa’s Managed Solutions. Now, Cloudnexa serves as an extension of the Associa team, with extra hands-on-keyboard resources.

Cloudnexa’s Cloud Acceleration Program (CAP) gives Associa access to highly experienced specialized resources, carefully mapped to their company’s needs and objectives. Cloudnexa’s engineers worked to address resource gaps and optimize automations. They identified and eliminated cost aberrations and drifts in configuration, as well as increasing the observability of Associa’s systems with careful expert guidance.

With a good AWS management footprint in place, Associa can now use Cloudnexa’s resources for more specialized projects, including cost management and preparing their AWS for SOC 2 Type II certification.

“The biggest thing that Cloudnexa has done for us is save us time by guiding us through which solution will be right for us and being able to shortcut a lot of the research.”
– Greg Hamm, VP of Product and Technology, Associa


Accelerated growth with AWS infrastructure

With Cloudnexa’s Managed Services, Associa has been able to optimize their AWS infrastructure without shifting their engineers’ focus away from their core business.

Having a strong AWS foundation and network infrastructure means Associa is poised to accelerate their continued growth without compromising their product or services for their own clients. They’ve also been able to significantly reduce their AWS costs.

Thanks to Cloudnexa’s guidance, Associa is also primed and ready for their upcoming SOC 2 Type II certification audit, which will significantly enhance the company’s revenue growth opportunities.

“We have some aggressive growth plans, and we’ll be adding in new applications as we build them or acquire them. Having that foundation of a secure AWS architecture is going to help usaccelerate that, without having to think about all of the nitty-gritty details.”
– Greg Hamm, VP of Product and Technology, Associa

About Cloudnexa and AWS

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