Account Review Update: 115th Best Practice Check Released


AWS Best Practice adherence helps us, and our customers achieve successful, cost effective deployments on AWS. Even if you are not an MSP, our vNOC Account Review will help you manage like a pro.

Cloudnexa is happy to announce we have launched our 115th new Account Review check into our vNOC Management Platform. The vNOC Account Review utility provides Cloudnexa staff and our customers an automated validation of AWS account best practices at scale. Ensuring your environment is continuously monitored for things like: security, cost, audits, and usage. Checks are broken down into these categories, and individual AWS Services for better grouping, visibility and organization. Our Account Review platform is extensible, which allows us to add on new validation checks quickly. If you have some recommendations, or want to know more, reach out to us today.

To use Automated Account Review simply login to vNOC, and select Account Review under the Monitoring section. Leveraging these account checks helps you quickly and visually manage all your AWS accounts from a single interface. For our vNOC Free Tier customers, update your vNOC account today to gain access to these features by simply allowing Cloudnexa to be your AWS reseller, or engaging Cloudnexa as your MSP.