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Leverage Cloudnexa's Account Review service to scan your AWS accounts for best practice improvements in operations, security, reliability, efficiency, and cost optimizations.

Why Account Review

AWS management system

Get Started, Securely

vNOC Account Review is the best way to organize all your AWS Accounts in a convenient place to analyze.

Account Review

Increase Productivity

Convenient interface to display all found opportunities as color coded severities.

Step 3

Customize & Scale

All the remediation details are at your finger tips to help you feel at ease about your Cloud experience.

Cloud Design Assurance
Near real-time guidance to help you provision your resources adhering to AWS best practices.
  • Compliance Notices
  • Summary Exports
Continuous Monitoring
A continuous deep-dive into your infrastructure, providing technical insight, security and availability reporting.
  • Exclude False Positives
  • 30 AWS Services
Proactive MSP
Cloudnexa's proactive managed services, powered by Account Review, identifies and assigned machined-learned tasks.
  • Pre-Approval Lists
Validation by Check
Each check performs a validation with a color-coded indicator for severity and detailed description.
  • 300+ Checks
Audit Details
Identify individual flagged resource change history with AWS CloudTrail records.
  • CloudTrail Integration
Continuous Validation
Let Cloudnexa's Account Review keep you informed on all your AWS Account opportunities for improvement.
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Expand any Cloudnexa Check for a detailed overview and description of the item(s) in question, or download full csv reports to manage the data your way.
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Cloudnexa account review 02
Excluding false positive results at the entire AWS Account Level, or individually on any flagged resource.
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Find the Perfect Plan

  • Account Review Access
  • Fixed Price
  • Month to Month
  • Unlimited AWS Accounts
  • Starting at 25k resources

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