What if you could confidently provision and manage resources, security, budgets and policies across your AWS environments from a single, simple user interface?

With Cloudnexa’s intuitive vNOC management platform, you can.

  • Reports

    Graphical, interactive, cost and metric value reporting.

  • Backup Policies

    Schedule your EC2 instances, EBS volumes, and RDS databases with custom backup and retention policies.

  • Server Life Cycle

    Schedule your EC2 instances to automatically start and stop based on a time schedule.

  • Provision

    Leverage vNOC’s best practice deployment templates in your cloud environment.

  • Cloud Manager

    Manage AWS resources, governance policies, SSL certs, resource groups, and provisioning.

  • Monitoring

    Define URL monitoring, review CloudWatch historical alerts, and Trusted Advisor Recommendations.

  • Audit

    Filter and export activity logs for CloudTrail and AWS Config.

  • Account Review

    Deep-dive into your infrastructure, providing technical insight while adhering to AWS Best Practices. 

global view screen

Globalized Snap Shot at your Fingertips

A bold graphical interface provides a consolidated view of all your AWS accounts. Intuitive features and tools deliver the perfect complement to native AWS services, enabling you to achieve your cost and performance objectives for cloud.

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cloudwatch screen

Identify Global Alert Trends across AWS Resources

Centrally manage alerts and archive metrics without native limitations on searchable records. Graphical reporting allows for fast identification of performance impacting trends.

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management screen

Governance & Management made Easy

Manage, assign and create governance policies to automatically power on and off, schedule the backup and retention of your instances, and archive CloudTrail, CloudWatch, or AWS Config events. Leverage vNOC best practice deployment templates to provision your infrastructure.

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reporting screen

Graphical Detailed User Defined Reporting

Understand trends with graphical, interactive reports detailing cost summaries and service metrics. Quickly and easily generate internal reporting as needed for departmental accounting or governance requirements.
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cloudtrail screen

Gain In-Depth Historical Visibility with CloudTrail

Easily audit and search historical records to gain in depth visibility into AWS account activities. Events can be organized by type or service and are searchable across regions and accounts.

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  • Global View
  • CloudWatch
  • Cloud Manager
  • Reports
  • CloudTrail

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