About Savana

Savana combines people, processes and platform to deliver financial process automation that helps banking and mortgage customers win in their markets. Savana doesn't just serve the financial industry; transforming it, working hand-in-hand with leading banks, lenders and regulators to help shape the future.


The Challenge

  • The technology team at Savana wanted to migrate their fleet of Windows workloads to an enterprise-grade cloud platform while reducing their infrastructure costs, taking advantage of bundled Microsoft licensing, and improving their overall security posture
  • Reduce hardware and database management overhead on a subset of their SQL Server databases, while retaining support for preexisting authentication methods.Savana needed to achieve better fault tolerance for their Windows applications, including improved traffic visibility and protection against web attacks.
  • Implement a centralized way to gather operational insights and automate routine management tasks like patches and deployment.

The Solution

  • Migrating to Microsoft Solutions on AWS with EC2 and RDS
  • Leveraging AWS Managed Microsoft AD and AWS RDS for SQL Server allowed Savana to integrate Windows Authentication with their onpremises Active Directory
  • Integrating EC2 instances with AWS Systems Manager for remote PowerShell administration and automation, combined with Patch Manager, CloudWatch, and Maintenance Windows helped Savana achieve the operational management desired on AWS.


  • Centralize Authentication – Deploying AWS Managed AD reinforces security requirements across RDS, EC2 and on-prem deployments.
  • Improved Governance – Integrating AWS Systems Manager added operational automation with better visibility and control.
  • Optimizaton – Running Windows on AWS EC2 optimized resource efficiency and offload Windows license management, while lowering cost.

About Cloudnexa and AWS

Cloudnexa represents limitless potential with the power to transform small businesses into industry leaders and scale global organizations into agile innovators. At Cloudnexa, we help you harness that potential and leverage it to achieve any goal you can imagine. We engineer solutions for success on your terms.

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