The right cloud center of excellence strategy nets you better outcomes, faster

the right cloud center of excellence strategy nets you better outcomes, faster

The business landscape has never been more dynamic—or demanding. Many enterprises are turning to cloud to solve today’s complex and fast-moving use cases, but the transition isn’t always smooth. Even the implementation of cloud centers of excellence (CCoEs) has often failed to deliver the value companies hope to see from their cloud deployments.

It’s time for a more refined approach to cloud, one that provides support, resources, and guidance so businesses can see faster, better results from their cloud strategies.

Today’s imperative: Drive strong, right-now outcomes with cloud

As company leaders look for innovative ways to move their missions forward, the need to quickly achieve meaningful outcomes has never been higher. The operational and financial costs of any digital transformation strategy can put significant pressure on the business. Decision makers simply don’t have the luxury of time to tackle a steep cloud learning curve, or to experiment with apps and services that may not fit their use cases.

To sharpen their focus, some organizations are adapting the traditional center of excellence (CoE) concept to cloud. But even companies with experience running a CoE are finding their strategies aren’t well suited to the technical demands—and the fast-paced emergence of new opportunities—that are inherent in a cloud environment. Staffing these functional areas is also difficult, with technology talent in high demand and commanding steep salaries. The resulting poor outcomes from CoE experimentation’s only serve to further delay and hinder cloud adoption while consuming high-cost, high-value resources in the process.

Managing your cloud journey for quick wins and long-term success

After seeing how unwieldy and slow-moving the conventional CoE architecture became when applied to cloud, the experts at Cloudnexa developed a highly targeted approach for AWS environments that’s more effective, more efficient, and more cost conscious.

Our Cloud Acceleration Program (CAP) is designed to solve for the issues enterprises encounter along the cloud journey. The CAP structure empowers enterprises with resources and guidance to avoid the systemic problems and ROI-sapping roadblocks that can plague cloud deployments. We help you put your cloud strategy on track for quick wins, swift innovations, and long-term success.

Our CAP team begins by creating a laser focus on the objectives that are most important to your organization. With those endpoints in mind, our team then works with you to identify the resources that will help you begin achieving your goals in the shortest time possible. Using our custom approach, the CAP team shapes a support structure that’s unique to your needs. We bring together roles at each step of your cloud journey to ensure that everything from everyday actions to long-horizon planning is expertly managed and aligned with your organizational goals.

Each CAP participant is assigned a dedicated veteran cloud project manager (PMO) function and an enterprise cloud architect manager (CAM). The highly experienced AWS experts in these roles are key to delivering value from your cloud investments. They work alongside your team to develop strategy on new and future enhancements, to design and analyze your AWS environment, and to be a hands-on resource to help accelerate implementations.

Joining these foundational roles are additional competencies based on your business needs and organizational maturity:

  • Security
  • FinOps
  • Operations
  • Networking
  • Data

Along with the CAP team roles that are assigned to every customer, these supporting functions are available to further guide, advise, and advocate for our customers in specific disciplines.

The tailored approach built into our CAP empowers you to leverage cloud as a business enabler. Our program meets you where you are, giving you access to the skills, expertise, and guidance that will help to quickly optimize and accelerate your cloud strategy. And it’s all designed to put resources to work on the deliverables that matter most to you.

Put your cloud journey on the path to success

The customizable structure of the CAP, combined with the deep AWS expertise of our CAP team, empowers your business with the targeted skills and support you need to see value faster and to keep your long-term cloud strategy in sync with your organization’s core mission. Because each CAP implementation is exclusively designed around achieving the outcomes that are most important to your business, we can help you accelerate your cloud migration, protect your AWS environment, quickly scale your cloud operations, and leverage cloud as a true business enabler.

To learn more about our customized CAP and see how we can put your cloud strategy on the path to quick wins and long-term success, get in touch with our team for an introductory discussion.