Rename and relaunch of vNOC as Cloudscan


Meet Cloudscan: The vNOC Platform Is Now Upgraded and Improved

As a longtime Amazon partner since 2008, the minds behind the vNOC Management platform have the experience and knowledge to create tools that power cloud-based solutions for businesses big and small. With time, experience, and the addition of new technologies, the time for the vNOC platform to change came naturally over the years. Guided by the desire to offer a fully scalable and flexible service, the team behind vNOC worked to improve the current tools offered to provide clients with even more functionality.

Now, the VNOC management platform has been upgraded and rebranded to offer even more functionality for businesses seeking to operate at maximum efficiency. The new service has upgraded features and a brand new name that embodies the usefulness of the platform: Cloudscan.

What Is Cloudscan?

Cloudscan is a platform for AWS users who want to optimize cloud usage and performance continuously. The updated tool can perform automatic audits to ensure that your Amazon Web Service (AWS) accounts are performing optimally, but there is so much more to the service that makes it a must-have for both new and established companies. Some of the ways Cloudscan can help guide your business include:

  • monitoring for potential security issues across multiple accounts
  • guiding the provisioning of resources
  • performing deep dives that illuminate the reasons for infrastructure issues
  • providing near real-time guidance for cloud-based design
  • assess compliance for industries with governing regulations, such as finance and health care

Cloudscan begins identifying your business and security needs from day one of use by offering actionable feedback that can be addressed quickly to improve a business’ infrastructure.

Navigating the cloud can be challenging for businesses with limited experience in this realm. With more than 300 checks performed daily, Cloudscan is real-world tested and used by many businesses to power enterprises from every industry. Access to the platform is included for Amazon web services members. To find out more, visit the Cloudscan website today.