HIPAA Compliance Made Easy in the Cloud


Medical facilities and the companies that provide services to them know full-well HIPAA compliance codes are unavoidable, with offices being required to keep data on hand for seven years. The problem is, many of the backup models used today are archaic and cluttered, not to mention some offices lack a plan B. With the capability and affordability of technology today, to not be prepared does not make sense.

The two most prevalent antiquated tactics are paper and tape backup, both of which involve storing hard data in boxes, or on tape, and sending records to third party management firms that store the information away in warehouses. Those plans can cause logistical nightmares. Worse yet, some facilities merely keep their data on servers literally in closets with no backup protection at all. That is a recipe for data disaster.

With Cloudnexa and AWS by your side, your medical facility’s data will always be secure. In the event you need to attain access, you can do so with the click of a mouse—rather than having to go through a warehouse full of boxes. Cloudnexa delivers the reliability your business needs to maintain continuity. It is your data, when you need it.

If your company is required to comply with HIPAA codes and you don’t have a backup plan, consider our cloud migration service for Philadelphia area healthcare facilities. And if you’re not in Southeastern Pennsylvania, get in touch because we can help you too. Data is especially sensitive in the medical industry, and it is reassuring to know that yours is protected.

Simplicity and Reliability Down to the 9’s

Everything is digitized, so rather than paying for a third party to store hard data in a physical facility, the cloud will become your more convenient, cheaper “warehouse.”

Cloudnexa integrates AWS services to make meeting HIPAA compliance simple. We encrypt data in transit and still, perform continuous data backups, and auditing to ensure your data is secure. In addition, we also provide HIPAA compliant cloud hosting for applications varying in size. Cloudnexa eliminates the complexities associated with storage, secure online backup and complying with HIPAA requirements.

One of AWS’s main benefits is its durability. The industry refers to their dependability as the “11 9’s,” meaning storage in their platform is guaranteed to be 99.99999999999 (that’s 11 9’s on the end) percent reliable. To put it in other terms, for every 10,000 pieces of info you store with AWS, one of them might disappear every 10 million years. If you put a file on AWS during the Triassic period, you might lose it tomorrow.

Entry Points Are Low

Cloudnexa makes backing up your medical data simple and affordable. Entry points are low enough for any sized facility to afford usage. Once we determine your business and IT goals and objectives, we will adjust our solution accordingly, making it even easier to reach compliance and performance optimization.

Hear It First Hand

One of our healthcare clients has increased productivity since starting to use the Cloudnexa AWS HIPAA solution. The company is required to set up a new infrastructure every time they get a new client, which theoretically involves weeks of work. With our solution, they can plug into a templated infrastructure and have their clients squared away in less than a day. Learn more about what our clients have to say about Cloudnexa’s AWS solution that takes the complexity out of compliance.

Whether you need cloud migration services in New York, LA or anywhere in between, we’ll make sure your records are safe and sound, for an affordable price.