Grassroots Unwired Enlists Cloudnexa for Next Generation Campaigning for 2016 Election

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Mobile-First Political Field Campaigning and Canvassing Platform Maximizes Cloud Uptime for This Critical Election Year

__Philadelphia, Penn. – July 28, 2016 __ – Cloudnexa, a leading cloud management service, has announced it has been selected by Grassroots Unwired, a mobile platform for political field organizing and canvassing. Cloudnexa’s services provide Grassroots Unwired near constant uptime, which is particularly critical in a U.S. election year, when downtime would cause irreparable damage to their customers’ campaign efforts and their brand.

Grassroots Unwired prides itself on meeting the needs of the organizations/political leaders it supports, and Cloudnexa ensures optimization of their Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud deployment. Candidates and campaigns will be able to put Grassroots’ mobile platform to use to improve and help scale voter turnout efforts. “Given this tumultuous (and widely-discussed) political year, we anticipate record level usage of our platform, most of it coming this fall. Given that Election Day can’t be delayed, we have zero room for technical errors or downtime,” said Russ Oster, CEO of Grassroots Unwired. “To know that Cloudnexa has our back when it comes to the most critical need for our platform – no downtime – means we and our clients can operate with great peace of mind on that front.”

How Cloudnexa Backs Up Grassroots Unwired

Presidential election cycles require that political field campaigning and canvassing have a mobile service that won’t fail them during their peak hours of 6-9pm, when the staff of traditional hosting providers often aren’t working. Grassroots delivers value far beyond the traditional clipboard approach to canvassing, with a mobile platform that supports face-to-face-fundraising and info-gathering while in the field, all in real-time.

Further capabilities of Grassroots’ platform include:

  • Automatic data entry, without the lengthy periods of time, fraud and errors that come with traditional methods.
  • Real time email and SMS outreach from the field, giving a face-to-face interaction value far beyond the initial conversation.
  • Cutting edge mapping and GPS tracking technology to help with pinpointing and targeting potential interested voters, increasing registered voters and guaranteeing turnout.
  • Smarter spending on digital media by giving its end users a real time pipeline into their digital ad buying, allowing them to use the results of face-to-face outreach to inform their digital spend.

Grassroots essentially replaces the canvasser’s clipboard with a mobile device for real-time data collection, but this method relies on the cloud. Cloudnexa’s dashboard makes it simple for Grassroots to manage their AWS platform. Furthermore, with Cloudnexa’s continuous intrusion detection and monitoring, Grassroots is safeguarded against suspicious activity that could potentially conflict with its mobile application.

For example, earlier this year, Grassroots supported a project of the Office of Supportive Housing in Philadelphia and Valley Youth House, and Project Home. They conducted an overnight initiative to count and interview Philadelphia’s homeless population. Getting the most accurate numbers possible while on the go was also critical for securing government funding; they could not afford to have their project fail. With Cloudnexa, Grassroots’ platform performance remained smooth the entire night.

“Real-time protection and high availability are no longer luxuries open only for Fortune 500s, businesses of all sizes need both for business continuity,” said Joel Davne, CEO and Founder of Cloudnexa. “Our easy-to-use platforms ensures that applications such as Grassroots’ can stay up without them having to divert resources away from serving their customers.”

About Grassroots Unwired

Grassroots Unwired offers a wide variety of political campaigns, non-profits, and direct sales companies, a robust mobile platform that supports all of their field based, face-to-face activities including data collection, signature and payment capture, email and SMS campaign integration, and more. The real-time nature of their software allows for unprecedented access to the data being collected as well as accountability of the people in the field. Grassroots Unwired is a venture backed Philadelphia based company that currently has clients in almost every state in the U.S. Please visit their website at

About Cloudnexa

Cloudnexa is an internationally recognized premier cloud service provider based in Greater Philadelphia, PA that utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to assist clients in surpassing their business and IT goals. Recently named a Gartner 2016 “Cool Vendor” in cloud management, Cloudnexa exhibits years of experience and expertise advising clients on their needs pertaining to success within the cloud platform. Their patented vNOC platform enhances the AWS environment and allows users to streamline functions in a single, simple user-friendly interface. For more information regarding Cloudnexa or their vNOC environment, please visit their website at

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