Cloudnexa Urges Companies to Switch Servers to the Cloud

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Philadelphia, PA –02/23/2016 — Amidst the wake of Windows Server 2003’s (2k3) end of support this past July, Cloudnexa is urging companies that have not yet transitioned onto a new platform to do so immediately. Furthermore, they recommend that those companies move over to cloud-based hosting.

According to Cloudnexa, companies that continue to use 2k3, post-end of support, could experience catastrophic faults in security and system operations. Any faults or system errors can prevent the platform from operating effectively, if at all. For a more detailed write-up discussing the full impact, please visit their website here.

The obsolescence of the 2k3 support platform means that updates will no longer occur, which may leave PCs still operating on it prone to serious security threats, malicious attacks, lost or stolen data, and other cyber-threats. Moreover, as hardware and software continue to update, they will become inoperable on any computer running under the 2k3 platform in due time. Cloudnexa noted the benefits of using the cloud for data hosting, primarily citing cost-effectiveness and ease of transition. Cloudnexa adopts a utility-based pricing model, while traditional in-house hosting requires customers to purchase a fixed amount of physical space. This pricing model allows their Cloud-based users to only pay for services they use, with the option of upgrading or downgrading whenever they would like.

For those interested in transitioning out of Windows Server 2003 and onto the cloud, they can visit Cloudnexa’s website, or call 800-724-4157.

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Cloudnexa is an internationally recognized managed services provider based in Greater Philadelphia, PA that utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to assist clients in attaining their business and IT goals. The award-winning AWS Premier Consulting Partner exhibits years of experience and expertise advising clients, as their needs pertain to success within the cloud platform.

Their patented vNOC platform enhances the AWS environment and allows users to streamline functions in a single, simple user-friendly interface. For more information regarding Cloudnexa or their vNOC environment, please visit their website:

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