Cloudnexa Recommends That Companies Utilize the Cloud for Disaster Recovery

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Philadelphia, PA — (SBWIRE) — 03/15/2016 — Cloudnexa, a leading cloud management service based in Philadelphia, PA, is urging companies to form disaster recovery plans utilizing the cloud. According to a new article on their website, cloud-based data recovery has shifted the paradigm to favor small and mid-sized businesses. The tone of the article by the expert cloud service implies that the days of expensive on premise disaster recovery (DR) facilities being the sole option are over. With the advent of the public cloud, organizations can now afford disaster recovery solutions. Cloudnexa suggests selecting a DR solution that will ensure high availability, maximized uptime, and business continuity, such as Cloudnexa’s DR solution for AWS.

In the article, Cloudnexa explained why cloud disaster recovery is cheaper than traditional methods. Real estate is expensive and storing data in physical spaces means high monthly costs. Therefore, since the cloud is a virtual server, there is no need for business owners to pay for keeping their data in on-premises hosting sites.

The premier managed cloud services provider went on to say that DR solutions are critical to maintaining business continuity, now that they are available via the cloud. Since everything pertaining to data is bundled into one virtual server, transportation is fast and efficient, ultimately leading to low downtimes.

Furthermore, DR solutions are available to companies that need assistance installing a plan of action. DR Solutions are provided by expert third-party services, such as Cloudnexa, that know what to do in times of data crisis. Companies interested in forming disaster recovery plans for their data are encouraged to visit Cloudnexa’s website, or to call 800-724-4157 to learn more.

About Cloudnexa

Cloudnexa is an internationally recognized premier cloud service provider based in Greater Philadelphia, PA that utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) to assist clients in surpassing their business and IT goals. The winner of the prestigious 2015 Frost & Sullivan award for excellence in cloud management services, Cloudnexa, exhibits years of experience and expertise advising clients, as their needs pertain to success within the cloud platform.

Their patented vNOC platform enhances the AWS environment and allows users to streamline functions in a single, simple user-friendly interface. For more information regarding Cloudnexa or their vNOC environment, please visit their website at