Parse Alternative

Parse Alternative

Concerned about Facebook sun-setting your Parse server in 2017? How do you know which Parse alternative is right for you?parse logo

Cloudnexa’s Parse solution, an industry leading dynamic optimization technology, provides a seamless transition on AWS.  We maximize the use of native AWS services like Aurora, which will save you money over other database solutions, such as mongoDB, and provide better performance on AWS, all for less than others!

We make the switch from Parse to AWS quick and painless so you can keep your environment running smoothly and effortlessly. You may not have the necessary IT muscles, time to rewrite your own app, or the know-how to determine which alternative for the expiring Parse server is right for your business. Development is resource intensive, especially if you are not well versed with back-end or hosting solutions. Don’t think short term when it comes to the functionality of your app or infrastructure. Cloudnexa’s Parse Solution minimizes the complexity of managing hardware through the integration of AWS. Even after the migration, we will standby you with our continual DevOps support model for the Parse back-end app management!

When you let Cloudnexa host your app, we make it easy to leverage the parse server and database migration tool. Let us handle all the heavy lifting, so you can get back to business!

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