On-Demand Solutions

Cloudnexa’s On-Demand program is designed to get you up and running in the cloud faster than the speed of light: efficiently and effortlessly. Stop wasting time and money on services that leave you susceptible to downtime and poor performance. Our solutions provide a financially-efficient infrastructure with the availability, security, and performance you need.  These are custom-built environments for organizations with special requirements not met by our standard packages.  Take advantage of all AWS has to offer and let Cloudnexa build it your way!

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This solution is designed for pre-launch and start-up organizations with little or no revenue looking to get their environment up and running in the cloud. It is specifically engineered to account for requirements not addressed in our standard packages. As a new or growing business, you may not have the time, capital or resources to worry about what is going on at the infrastructure level. Blast Off aims to help busy professionals boost customer experience by delivering a custom-built infrastructure on AWS!

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If you are operating with less cloud experience, lack certainty of AWS Best Practices, spending a lot of time figuring out AWS versus working on your own environment, or up all night watching your environment, Light Speed is right for you. This special  program offers custom engineered solutions for organizations with unique requirements and spending less than $2k/month on AWS.

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Our custom-fit solution is designed to suit all your AWS needs and requirements, so you can truly leverage the benefits of the cloud.  Gain more time for business by letting us worry about your operations.  Designed for larger customers and big high growth environments with special requirements. Warp leverages professional services for the heavy lifting and deep dive engagements your firm needs to effectively get into and run in the cloud.


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