Network as a Service

Network as a Service 

Cloudnexa’s NaaS is a highly scalable, cost-efficient solution designed to simplify the creation, deployment, and management of your cloud’s network infrastructure. Our solution is agile and flexible,  ensuring network performance meets expectations.


  • Cut Costs: Cloudnexa’s NaaS solution is designed to reduce network investment costs and time to implementation. With this solution, there is no need to invest in additional equipment or capital investment.
  • Faster Deployment: Our NaaS solution streamlines the setup process providing for faster deployments.
  • Managed Services: We provide 24/7/365 managed services to ensure your networks are managed and monitored.
  • On-Demand Networking: No need for pre-provisioning, now you can match your network requirements to the demands of your business.
  • Security: Secure access to all of your resources.
  • No constraints: This solution enhances flexibility by eradicating hardware and software constraints. You control the environment, we optimize performance.

Network Function Virtualization

Cut costs and save big by virtualizing network services. Our solution helps to increase network functionality by decreasing the amount of proprietary hardware needed and eliminating the hassle of hard-to-maintain alternatives.


Every time you share data over the Internet, you are susceptible to  security threats. With our NaaS solution, you can deliver sensitive data through encrypted, private connections between your datacenter and AWS.

Cloud Bridging

Do not limit your cloud connectivity to just one environment. Cloud bridging enables you to secure connectivity to any cloud environment from a remote endpoint, such as your business or fleet of mobile devices.

Cloud Federation

Stop juggling the exclusive connectivity requirements of multiple cloud providers. Now you can deploy all of your environments from a single, reliable infrastructure. Connect to any cloud at any scale.


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