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May 31, 2016

Mobile Workforce Is as Feasible as Ever

Mobile Workforce Is as Feasible as Ever 

It is a fact of contemporary life that we are constantly on the go, and our jobs are no exception. Mobile Offices are commonplace, and it’s important that we’re capable of accessing our work documents at all times. Maybe you have to hop on a flight for a meeting in St. Louis on Tuesday, then fly back home to Philadelphia on Thursday, only to have to travel to Chicago the following Monday. Tiring? Yes. Great frequent-flyer rewards? Sure.

In healthcare for example, more services are delivered through home healthcare, remote outpatient facilities, even Hospice at home.  The network of care givers required to fully deliver required services is large and combined with compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, solving for the IT requirements to support these teams is very difficult.   The need to access documents and collaborate in real-time becomes even more critical for these remote teams. Because of that fact, Cloudnexa, a well-known cloud services provider from Philadelphia, set out to help companies manage their remote teams according to our unique brand of Cloud Computing Management:  Big emphasis on utility pricing with little to no upfront investment.

Whichever way you look at the tank of jet fuel, the point is, it is not uncommon for us to live out of suitcases for our jobs these days. And when you travel often, you have no choice but to bring as much of the office as you can along for the trip.

Maybe you don’t travel a lot for your job, but rather, you telecommute from off premises full time. With studies showing that work-from-home employees are around 13% more productive than their in-house cohorts, more and more people are going that route these days. In that case, mobile workforce is also the sensible solution. 

Through the cloud, mobile workforce is as feasible, cheaper, and offers more security than ever before. With the availability of solutions like AWS WorkSpaces, WorkDocs and Directory Service, mobile workforce is a win-win-win for constant travelers these days. Furthermore, PC alternatives like zero clients are ideal for offsite telecommuters.

If you are in the market for cloud services in Philadelphia or beyond, we would be glad to help you get set up. But first, let’s cover the basics of some mobile workforce solutions. We will dive into these in detail in subsequent posts (so keep on the lookout for those, too):

AWS WorkSpaces

WorkSpaces is a DaaS (desktop as a service) in the cloud, offering companies a way to provision cloud-based desktops. Through the cloud, users can access any resources they need via a variety of devices, like Windows and Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads and android tablets. WorkSpaces gives users away from the office experiences virtually identical to what they can accomplish on their work PCs. Better yet, WorkSpaces is about half the price of most VDI solutions.

Zero Clients Are the Way of the Future for Telecommuters

Zero clients move 100 percent of a computer’s software away from it, and into the respective data center from which it operates. So, you have the mother computer containing software at the data center, which runs into the cloud network, delivering that software to a variety of end users, where only monitors, audio devices and USB ports are contained. In other words, if you want to run 5, 10, 15 20 or more computers via one mother computer, zero client allows you to. Zero client equals zero software at the end user. These are the major benefits:

  • Security – Say your laptop gets stolen. It doesn’t really matter, because it doesn’t contain sensitive information directly on any hard drive.
  • There’s no need for a VPN.
  • Since it’s all centralized in AWS, you don’t need to hire an IT department. Everything is so cheap, if something breaks, you can just get rid of it and plug in a new device, rather than troubleshoot to save data stored on the broken device.
  • There’s no chance of losing any work—it’s all stored in the cloud!


AWS WorkDocs is a cheap, centralized document management solution, similar to Dropbox. Like a zero client, work is stored in the cloud, rather than at the end user’s device. There are no storage limits, and in the event of a mishap, recovery is easy.

AWS Directory Service

AWS Directory Service allows users to connect AWS resources to an on premise directory through the cloud. It allows your company’s users to access AWS services with their existing credentials. For example, if you need to access WorkDocs, you can do so with your current credentials via Directory Service.

With the availability of these solutions, your mobile workforce is now feasible, cheap and safe. And as an AWS partner, if you need help setting up and managing your mobile workforce, we’re well-qualified and happy to provide you with assistance, so get in touch today!

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