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Cloudnexa's AWS migration services help organizations navigate the digital world by providing strategic cloud-based solutions that generate meaningful business results.

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Adopting cloud technology is a logical transition for many businesses. Moving operations to the AWS cloud can help you increase your competitiveness, speed innovation, and improve the quality of service.

The key to achieving business results is to make the most of your cloud migration and modernization efforts. Our solutions and certified experts are trusted by customers around the world to move applications, data, and infrastructure into AWS.

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Your AWS Cloud Migration Simplified

Cloudnexa and AWS’ partnership brings together the best of the migration process and expedites your modernization plan.

Optimize costs and delivery rate with cutting-edge technology. Cloudnexa is increasing the pace of AWS migration, offering innovative solutions to accelerate AWS cloud migration journey.

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Zero Cost Migration

Our AWS migration best practices reduce time-to-value. We align cloud architecture and migration patterns with your cloud objectives, and industrial processes, tooling, and automation assist a high-quality, cost-effective migration.

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We evaluate business requirements, recommend an optimal migration strategy, and develop a plan to move existing workloads to the cloud, thereby reducing risk, time, and expense.

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In addition to a robust and smart transformation management plan, we utilize automated cloud management and migration tools to facilitate a seamless transition.

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Operations & Optimizations

We help businesses bring their cloud-first vision into a refined reality by implementing an efficient and high-quality cloud migration strategy.

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Helping You With Your Modernization Plan


infrastructure cost savings


increase in administrator productivity


increase in staff focus


fewer-security related incidents


lower time to market for new features

*Source: The Hackett Group, January 2022

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Learn how Cloudnexa helps clients unlock innovation and accelerate company success by combining AWS experience with cloud and deep tech professionals via modern delivery techniques to design, develop, and managed cloud solutions.

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AWS Cloud Migration Made Simple

Cloudnexa and AWS have an integrated, end-to-end cloud migration solution that helps enterprise IT departments avoid common AWS migration challenges, saving time and money.

Migrate applications

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  • AWS Application Migration Service
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Windows on AWS
  • SAP on AWS
  • VMware Cloud on AWS

Migrate your storage

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  • AWS DataSync
  • AWS Transfer Family
  • AWS Snow Family
  • The Migration Process

The AWS Cloud Migration Process

AWS Migration Process integrates all three phases of migration into a single step, allowing your organization to migrate applications faster and more confidently.



Assess what you need to move, why you are moving, and set the stage for a successful migration to the cloud



As part of the mobilization phase, you create a migration plan and refine your business case. You address gaps in your organization’s readiness uncovered in the assess- ment phase, building your baseline environment (the “landing zone”), driving operational readiness, and developing cloud skills.

Migrate & Modernize


Each application is designed and migrated. Once built, we validate each implementation to ensure that the migration results are correct concerning technical and business requirements for each application or system.

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