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An AWS Premier Partner’s expertise at your fingertips. Crafting success through innovation, scalability, and training.

Design Services

  • Cloud Readiness
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Modernization Assessment
  • Architecture Planning


  • Environment Builds
  • Automation Tools
  • Migration & Launch
  • Train & Document


  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Cost
  • Operational Excellence

Ongoing Management

  • Managed Cloud Support
  • Cloud Architect Manager
  • Security Services
  • DevOps
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Our Clients

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  • orases
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  • nascate

Learn From The Best

Hugh Molyneux
Hugh Molyneux
President / Refined Risk
There are a lot of cloud management companies out there that charge a flat fee, and as a smaller company, that just wasn't in our budget. The Cloudnexa assessment gave us many options for high availability and for our backup needs.
Cheryl Lasse
Cheryl Lasse
Managing Partner / SkillDirector
Cloudnexa helped us translate our business requirements into the specific AWS features and services we would need. AWS allows us to be agile and consistently deliver new enhancements to the market quickly. AWS is Nirvana and Cloudnexa is the Sherpa that gets you there.
Joe Stern
Joe Stern
UX Architect
Orases is a Maryland based web development company providing custom software, website and application development services. In addition to Cloudnexa providing an AWS infrastructure HIPAA compliant environment, Orases leverages Cloudnexa’s powerful vNOC management platform for its simplification of handling all AWS accounts.

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