DR on the Cloud

Disaster-Proof your Data with DR on the Cloud

When disaster strikes, will your data be protected?

Your data is the backbone of your business and therefore needs to be protected. That’s why when downtime occurs, you need an immediate recovery solution. Cloudnexa’s Disaster Recovery solution ensures high availability, making it easy to maintain business continuity- even in the midst of interruption.

So is cloud-based disaster recovery right for your business? First and foremost, traditional Disaster Recovery is costly and time consuming. Cloudnexa’s Disaster Recovery on the Cloud will help your business leverage the power of AWS cloud, while maximizing business protection and minimizing cost. With this solution, you gain high availability and data security without breaking the bank. With our solution, you can protect your critical IT systems from data loss, downtime and poor performance.

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How It Works:

We make disaster recovery simple, fast, and affordable. Within three steps, we deliver continuous replication ensuring maximum uptime and minimal loss of data. In just minutes, continuous replication will allow us to create an updated copy of your application. 

Step 1: Identify Your Application

First, you will identify the applications you want to replicate and the cloud location. 

Step 2: Initiate Replication

Through our DR solution, we will copy your entire application stack and data.

Step 3: Create Replication

A real-time mirrored workload is replicated in the target cloud location. 

Key Features:

Cloudnexa integrates the AWS cloud to ensure your data is protected and accessible with our cloud-based disaster recovery solution. Our solution solves the problem of downtime, with consistent, real-time replication utilizing continuous data protection (CDP), ensuring a single-click failover across and between regions.


Single Click Failoverclick Increased Reliabilitycloud disaster recovery
Real-Time Replicationaround the clock Continuous Data Protectioncloud disaster recovery

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