CloudApps on AWS

CloudApps on AWS

Are you looking for a cloud alternative to your hosting provider for WordPress or Magento deployments? 

Moving your hosted app to the cloud has never been more simple. Cloudnexa has designed a first-of-its-kind solution that delivers the power of cloud computing without the hassle of doing it yourself. Starting with WordPress and Magento, we engineered CloudApps to replace typical hosting provider functionality.  CloudApps provide more services with smaller budgets, less IT dependency, and in a fraction of the time with our solutions. 

Reduce your IT costs while increasing performance on the cloud. From conception to implementation, CloudApp offers easy, push-button deployment to get your application up and running in no time! In just one click, you can be utilizing the power and reliability AWS has to offer.  You select the management tool best matching your requirements, we will do the rest.

Key features

Low Latency: Your data any time, any place with global access to cloud

Auto-Scaled: Stop losing sales because your website or web application does not scale due to demand spikes

Auto-Recovery: If your business loses network connectivity or becomes impaired from an internal hardware error, auto-recovery is critical

Compare Our CloudApp Solution To Your Current Solution 

Cloudnexa Competitors
Platform AWS Data Center Based
Pricing Fixed, Predictable Cost Structure Varied and inflexible
Auto Scaling Yes No
Auto Recovery Yes No
Multi-Availability Zones Yes No
Global Content Delivery Network Yes No
Single Click Deployment Yes No
Intuitive Dashboard Yes No

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