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Cloudnexa Pricing

Start here for a comprehensive understanding of AWS and Cloudnexa prices. Through the integration of AWS resources, we simplify the cloud by providing solutions to get you operating on AWS fast: Quick-Start and On-Demand. These pre-configured packages were built to AWS best practices and designed to meet your business requirements so you can focus on what is most important- your business.

Our resources are designed to support deployment and ongoing management of applications in AWS cloud. Our industry experts will design, architect, build, migrate and manage your infrastructure! Need help determining infrastructure requirements? Talk to a certified AWS expert today for a quote that is right for your business.

We provide all-in-one solutions at an affordable rate that bundle AWS services such EC2, RDS, VPC and more. You gain the power of AWS and the simplicity delivered by Cloudnexa. At a price too good to ignore, our Quick-Start and On-Demand solutions provide the right mix of AWS services to ensure a successful outcome.

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Pre-built environments to AWS Best Practices to fit a wide range of requirements. Fastest path to cloud solutions starting under $99.

optimize aws implementation


Solutions designed for pre-launch and start-ups, operating less than $2k/month on AWS, and high-growth environments with special requirements.

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AWS Pricing

AWS offers a variety of services designed to help organizations optimize performance. The following, select AWS prices are meant to provide a base for industry-standard pricing.  Amazon cloud pricing for all services are unique to specific business requirements. View all AWS Cloud Services Pricing.

EC2 (per hour)

$.01 to $19.25


RDS (per hour)

$.017 to $38.54


S3 (per GB)

$.007 to $.0300




$.025 + $.008


VPN (per hour)


WorkSpaces (per month)

$21 to $75



Cut Through Red Tape with Cloudnexa’s GSA Approved Services

Cloudnexa is a GSA IT Schedule 70 holder, allowing you to access services faster and for less. In order to receive a schedule contract, the GSA must partake in negotiation of fair and reasonable pricing with the applicant. After fair pricing has been determined and the company has been checked for compliance, the schedule is awarded. We are eligible to provide a range of services such as system development and analysis, backup, security and management services. 

Explore our full GSA schedule for a list of Professional IT Services Cloudnexa provides.

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