NextGen Energy Conservation Combined with the Power of AWS


About Wattifi

Wattifi is a licensed electric supplier in Connecticut that lowers your electricity bill with gamechanging technology and access to the wholesale electricity market. Direct access to wholesale market prices and complete transparency is what you can expect from Wattifi.

The Challenge

  • The app’s user traffic growth was expected to increase dramatically and required the ability to scale up immediately to user demands.
  • Infrastructure costs increase with the growth of application load. Minimizing the monthly run costs when user activity is low was a goal.
  • System redundancies needed to be implemented to limit outages.
  • Simplified deployment process for a modern serverless application was needed. Limit any manual intervention

The Solution

  • Implementing the serverless framework with API Gateway, Lambda, CloudFront, & S3 allows Wattifi to scale easily & manage infrastructure as code.
  • Leveraging a serverless solution allows Wattifi to avoid fixed hourly charges in favor of per web request.
  • The inherent redundancies & scalability of CloudFront, S3, API Gateway, & Lambda, allowed Wattifi to achieve a very high application reliability.
  • Implemented a reliable DevOps deployment model with AWS CodeCommit, CodePipeline & Codebuild.


  • Scalability
    Wattifi is able to instantly scale their application to any user demand with API Gateway and Lambda.
  • Continuous integration
    With low deployment times and eliminated need for manual processes has reduced deployment risks.
  • Cost
    Replacing EC2 with Lambda allowed Wattifi to achieve a cost per app request rather than fixed rates.


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