Well-Architecting and Managing your Application on AWS with Cloudnexa

The ARC Group

About The ARC Group

The Agricultural Risk Consulting Group LLC is a commodity consulting firm specializing in managing the risks inherent in production agriculture. Their philosophy is that risk should be managed by creating a consistent strategy to deal with the inevitable uncertainty of today’s volatile markets. The ARC Group’s goal is to have a plan in place that minimizes risk and maximizes profit over the long term.

The Challenge

  • The challenges and goals ARC were faced with in dealing with sensitive, critical data for their clients, security is of the highest priority. Not only ensuring that ARC’s platform is secure, but also the AWS infrastructure is designed to top standards. Reliability for dealing with recovering from failures or an outage needed to be examined. Lastly, cost became a concern as over time it continued torise. ARC’s cost objectives were not being met and a complete review needed to be conducted.

The Solution

  • The challenges and goals ARC were faced with, aligned directly with the combination of Cloudnexa’s Managed Service offerings and the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Immediately upon engagement Cloudnexa an in-depth review was conducted. All five pillars were closely examined and a plan for remediation was put into place. The plan consisted of three phases, addressing the critical issues first, then addressing areas of improvement, followed by the implementation of Cloudnexa’s managed services.


  • Enhanced Security
    Implemented a plan to protect ARC’s client date and environment from possible threats.
  • Improved Reliability
    Enhanced networking, caching and backup automation to meet aggressive RTO’s and RPO’s.
  • Optimization
    Cost controls in place, with increased performance utilizing additionally AWS native offerings.


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