Docker and DevOps Transformation on AWS


About Ten24

ten24 is a digital solutions provider. They help companies understand how cloud-based software can solve complex business requirements. ten24’s Engineering process, combined with their expertise in eCommerce, custom development, content management, email marketing, and user interface design, allow them to form long term partnerships with their clients and help them build their business.

The Challenge

  • ten24 experienced limitations leveraging previous Elastic Beanstalk with Docker Solution specifically regarding PCI Compliance requirements of ensuring patching within appropriate times along with maintaining their HIPAA Compliance requirements.
  • They wished to increase reliability and take advantage of decreased cost models available, such as spot instances and fleet configurations due to their increased utilization of AWS.
  • They experienced scaling issues during spiky load times for specific events
  • ten24 wished to aggregate all services to Amazon Web Services due to issues with current deployment CI/CD tooling.

The Solution

  • Cloudnexa migrated ten24’s original deployment on Elastic Beanstalk to Amazon ECS. Here there was increased control over the environment from a patching perspective as well as increased audit capabilities.
  • The migration to ECS allowed for increased accessibility to leverage spot instances and fleet launch configurations in order to create a reliable spread of reserved instances, on-demand and spot instances.
  • Integrated larger servers in the Amazon ECS cluster and aggregated multiple customers on the same platform to increase the available overhead during high load times for certain events.
  • Integrated AWS’ CI/CD tool set, utilizing AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild to perform docker container builds and deployments to Amazon ECS.


  • Cost Savings
    ten24 significantly decrease their monthly spend by migrating from reserved instances to spot instances, with up to an additional 30% savings on compute spend.
  • Compliance
    They obtained full PCI Compliance due to increased control and maintain full HIPAA Compliance of their infrastructure
  • Decreased Risk
    ten24 decrease their deployment risk by leveraging integrated AWS CI/CD services.


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