Cloudnexa Sensiva Health Success Story


Cloudnexa helps Sensiva Health pivot swiftly to join the COVID-19 fight

When Sensiva Health had to retrofit its clinical testing facilities to produce fast, reliable COVID-19 tests, it didn’t hesitate. “We made the decision to come together as a company and dedicate all of our resources — labs, software, people, and procedures — to fight COVID head-on with our testing,” says Ben Williamson, chief operating officer at Sensiva. “We shelved everything else.”

Sensiva felt equipped to take on the task, having provided infectious-disease diagnostics for large health-care systems and long-term-care facilities for years. But when thousands of COVID test kits arrived daily for processing, Sensiva realized that one element of its chain was falling short: its cloud platform.

Sensiva turned to Cloudnexa to help it transition quickly to a more robust cloud platform while remaining compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) — with no downtime.

When scaling up is ‘the difference between life or death’

Sensiva had relied on a small, private cloud provider that lacked the flexibility and scalability to meet Sensiva’s demands, which were growing tremendously. In June 2020, Sensiva’s COVID-19 test was authorized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for Emergency Use Authorization under Sensiva’s wholly owned lab, Cormeum Laboratory Services. This led to thousands of COVID tests arriving in bulk daily, all requiring a 24-hour turnaround.

“At this speed, you have one chance to get things right,” Williamson says. “We couldn’t afford to have any downtime or lost data.”

But outages and other challenges with the provider’s system continued to mount, says Todd McCoy, director of technology at Sensiva.

By the time Sensiva’s provider announced an upgrade that would cause another multi-hour outage, it was clear a change was necessary. “In our world, one hour down equates to thousands of clinics, nursing homes and crucial workers unable to register tests,” Williamson says. “That’s thousands of individuals having to wait for results — and those results can be the difference between life or death. As soon as you get a positive result, you can get that person isolated. Every second is crucial.”

“The switchover was seamless. Cloudnexa, and their knowledge and ability to get us what we needed, were lifesaving and absolutely what we were looking for.” — Todd McCoy, Director of Technology, Sensiva Health

“Even though we had a complicated compliance workload, Cloudnexa made it easy for us to migrate to AWS without any glitches, downtime or lost data.” — Todd McCoy, Director of Technology, Sensiva Health