Migrating and Modernizing your infrastructure on AWS with Cloudnexa

Management Computer Systems

About Management Computer Systems

MCS was established in 1974 as a custom software developer and IBM Series 1 services provider. In 2015 MCS launched its first cloud based system. Today they provide their customers with the option of hosting their systems locally or having them hosted on the Amazon Cloud. All MCS systems are now available on the Amazon Cloud.

MCS also recently introduced two new systems designed specifically for the Cloud. MCS CRM Mobile expands their existing CRM system to provide access to your Mobile device. They also introduced MCS Business Intelligence. MCS BI delivers sophisticated business intelligence to your desktop and mobile device.

The Challenge

  • The technology team at MCS wanted to migrate their Windows workloads from their datacenters to an enterprise-grade cloud platform with reliable, scalable infrastructure on demand, while reducing their infrastructure costs & taking advantage of bundled Microsoft licensing.
  • MCS wanted to modernize their footprint by adopting and integrating managed service variants of technologies to strengthen and simplify their architectures, while also refactoring their environments to better align with customer requirements.
  • MCS needed to improve their overall security posture, including improved traffic visibility and protection against attacks.
  • MCS needed a centralized and consistent way to gather operational insights and automate routine management tasks including automating patch approval and deployment.

The Solution

  • MCS used Amazon EC2 running Microsoft Windows Server as a reliable, flexible and high-performance environment to deploy and secure their Windows-based applications and workloads. MCS migrated and refactored their footprint into multiple shared and dedicated MS RDS farms to support their different classes of customers.
  • By integrating with Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, MCS was able to migrate their shared file storage from existing file servers, and also decouple storage artifacts to a central location both for application and for end-users using SMB while preserving their authentication/ authorization model.
  • Using Amazon WorkSpaces as their Virtual Desktop solution, MCS was able to integrate their existing technology team using a standardized deployment bundle in hours, instead of days or weeks.
  • By using Systems Manager to manage their fleet of EC2 instances, MCS was able to perform actions at a distance. This included PowerShell administration, deployument automaton, patching, and publishing of logs and custom metrics to CloudWatch.


  • Operational Efficiencies
    Using fully managed AWS services to host Windows Workloads allowed for the rapid deployment and testing of scalable, durable, highly-available infrastructure
  • Improved Governance
    Integrating AWS SSM enabled MCS to improve overall operational governance by gaining better visibility and control regarding the current state of resources
  • Optimization
    By refactoring to Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, MCS was able to modernize the environment and further reduce the administrative overhead in managing multiple file servers.


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