How Cloudnexa’s Helped M Booth Secure AWS Funding and Successfully Migrate to the Cloud

Alfredo Bernal
“From our standpoint, Cloudnexa saved us a ton of hours—plus the 40 or 50 grand it would have taken to hire someone to do this work. Now, we’re ahead of the game and prepared whenever we need to grow our environment.”
Alfredo Bernal
CTO/Head of Innovation Tech, M Booth
M Booth
cost savings vs. hiring in-house AWS specialist
of hours saved during AWS migration
Cloudnexa Helped:
  • Secure AWS grant funding
  • Plan, design, and execute AWS migration
  • Migrate dev workloads to AWS
  • Implement AWS best practices and compliance controls

The Client

M Booth

Communications agency

M Booth is a creative communications agency in New York City and San Francisco that was named ‘Global Agency of the Decade’ by PRovoke. M Booth specializes in brand marketing, public relations, social media, and branded creative content.

The Challenges

Supporting future growth by migrating to AWS

M Booth wanted to migrate to AWS. CTO/Head of Innovation Tech Alfredo Bernal and the other agency stakeholders had a growth plan, and that plan required having the right infrastructure in place.

In looking to the future, they knew that keeping all of their internal business workloads hosted on-prem would throw a wrench into long-term security, scalability, and flexibility. But AWS is a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure solution.

The migration would minimize M Booth’s on-prem reliance, bolster security for the teams that leverage AWS, and lay the foundation for mobile readiness and a hybrid work environment.

“It goes back to our innovation tech team, which is building more and more products and using AWS as the main ingredient in a lot of these projects. Security is always top of mind, so it’s important that our team feels secure prototyping there.”

The Solution

AWS environment increases speed and agility

Cloudnexa has the knowledge and experience that M Booth needed to plan, design, and perform the migration and then optimize the environment. As an AWS Premier Partner, Cloudnexa can also leverage AWS funding as part of the Statement of Work, which helped reduce out-of-pocket costs for M Booth. This enabled them to advance their cloud-readiness when a large migration might otherwise not have been in the budget.

For M Booth, the move to AWS will occur across two phases:

Phase 1 – Migrating into the AWS cloud. Cloudnexa helped M Booth perform the migration. They leveraged Amazon FSx for Windows File Server with Native Multi-AZ Deployment features to “lift and shift” M Booth’s on-prem infrastructure to the cloud. They also introduced emerging technology, including Okta for built-in, scalable authentication.

Phase 2 – Migrate dev workloads into AWS, with a special focus on compliance and automation. During the upcoming Phase 2, Cloudnexa will help M Booth streamline SIEM
logic and build out automated workflows to enforce compliance controls and improve
future scalability.

“For us, it’s all about clarity and meeting deadlines. That’s where Cloudnexa excels. Clear communication was critical in realizing our goals and establishing expectations. Another selling point was Cloudnexa’s AWS funding capabilities. Without that, I don’t know if we would have been able to proceed. So it was a no-brainer.”


Saving time and money during migration

With Cloudnexa’s help, M Booth’s migration to AWS went smoothly. Now, M Booth has the infrastructure to support future growth, including built-in security and compliance controls, and fully-managed cloud support.

Alfredo estimates that, by partnering with Cloudnexa, M Booth saved hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars during the migration. He also says that the project might not have come together at all without Cloudnexa’s AWS funding.

Next, Cloudnexa and M Booth are embarking on Phase 2. This phase will introduce even more cost savings for M Booth, as Cloudnexa helps them build out time-saving automation.

“I felt comfortable enough that we didn’t even finish Phase One before we were talking about Phase Two and we wanted to accomplish there. Normally, I don’t even do promotional interviews for vendors, but we feel really highly about working with Cloudnexa and the ongoing relationship with them.”

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