FFO Connects the Dots with Cloudnexa's Managed Services


FFO Connects the Dots with Cloudnexa's Managed Services

Furniture Factory Outlet (FFO), a nationwide chain providing luxury furniture pieces, needed a flexible infrastructure to connect, manage, and communicate with their stores. However, without the technical know-how, cloud costs and limitations can quickly become overwhelming. FFO needed to invest in a baseline architecture flexible enough to accommodate infrastructure needs that adjust on demand, and fall within budgetary parameters.

CHALLENGE: Investing in Cloud Performance

Kirt McReynolds, Technology Advisor for FFO, recognized a need to streamline costs to avoid overspending, but did not know who could provide the necessary infrastructure resources without cost exceeding their budget.

Infrastructure pricing is complex and cost can get away very quickly, especially with limited back-end familiarity. The key was to find a cloud provider who can streamline costs while only using a small portion of the company budget, allowing better allocation to continuity, applications, and additional business objectives.

“We had a neglected infrastructure in places that desperately needed attention,” said Kirt. “We needed to find a cloud-based provider who could meet our infrastructure growth plans, and fast.”

It was essential for Kirt to find a cloud provider who could support many different technology platforms within the same environment and whose dependencies could overlap at times. FFO’s desired cloud-based infrastructure needed to be highly available, flexible and secure. That’s is when FFO turned to Cloudnexa.

SOLUTION: Unparalleled Expertise with AWS Cloud

Kirt and the IT team at FFO did not have the technical versatility to revive their neglected infrastructure- they just needed to call Cloudnexa. With years of experience helping clients achieve cloud optimization through AWS, Kirt had no reservations about choosing Cloudnexa.

Kirt needed to find a trusted cloud services provider who could propose technical suggestions while providing explanations for each proposition.

"During the onboarding process with Cloudnexa, we immediately knew we were heading in the right direction,"
Kirt said.

Cloudnexa provided expert recommendations in relation to AWS Best Practices, general technology translations, and suggestions for improving performance as it pertained to FFO's infrastructure requirements.

“We truly were out of our comfort zone with AWS, Cloudnexa did all the heavy lifting,” said Kirt. “With Cloudnexa, we understood our options. We received performance without complexity and timely support responses when we need it.”

Cloudnexa provided the expertise needed to deploy FFO’s desired environment with the scalability capability.

BENEFITS: Maximized Performance with Minimized Complexity

Being new to AWS, FFO had limited understanding of AWS resources or how to leverage for optimization. Cloudnexa seamlessly transitioned FFO to AWS, providing technical insight, and explained each step of the transition to minimize complexity.

Cloudnexa successfully established a cloud-based infrastructure on AWS with the flexibility to scale and support demand, support high security requirements and implement disaster recovery.

Next for FFO was to consolidate and simplify all AWS accounts while minimizing complexity. Cloudnexa introduced vNOC, a global management platform, with the capacity for automation. Kirt and FFO quickly benefited from the simplified account management, consolidated billing, and 24/7 support availability.


As FFO continues to grow and build additional technology tiers, Cloudnexa will provide the tools for continued success. Cloudnexa will proactively accommodate to the integration of multiple sub tiers to fit FFO’s growth initiatives.