Managed DevOps on AWS

Digital Theatre

About Digital Theatre

Digital Theatre, owner of ShowTix4U, has over 20 years of experience supporting arts organizations across the United States and Canada. The leader in easy, low cost ticketing, with free customer service for you and your patrons… 7 days a week. Trusted by thousands of companies and partners with the very best in the arts: Music Theatre International, PlayBill, and the Educational Theatre Association.

The Challenge

  • The ShowTix4U application reached its capacity and was unable to scale and keep up with their users demands
  • Increasing risk due to the lack of a highly available architecture and static server configuration. The original design of the application was extremely static, with many inter server dependencies.
  • Application outages were common during high load times when popular events hit the service.
  • Difficult deployment and application release processes, requiring manual steps for developers and opened up a high level of risks.

The Solution

  • Cloudnexa worked with Digital Theatre’s development team to design a scalable AWS environment and application code base. Cloudnexa converted most processes to infrastructure as code.
  • Leveraging Amazon ECS and Amazon Aurora capabilities to create a horizontally scalable infrastructure. Cloudnexa configured an ephemeral stack with Docker as the DevOps tool of choice to assisted them with scaling horizontally.
  • Cloudnexa implemented self-healing infrastructure utilizing Amazon ECS and Docker Containers to assist in the auto-healing capabilities.
  • We developed a deployment pipeline utilizing AWS CodeCommit, CodePipeline and CodeBuild to deploy new application versions on Amazon ECS following a DevOps Continuous Integration Model


  • Scalability
    Digital Theatre is able to rapidly scale their ShowTix4U application and keep up with their user demands.
  • Continuous Integration
    Their deployment time has significantly decreased, allowing for multiple production deployments per week and reduced risks with eliminating the manual processes.
  • Self Healing
    Digital Theatre is able to rapidly heal their environment in the event of a failure with automated rollback procedures.


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