Cloudnexa helps BlueBin remain on growth path with modernized infrastructure and optimized performance

“The best part of working with Cloudnexa is knowing they have our best interests in mind and will help us accomplish what we need to and suggest the right way to do it.”

Gerry Butler, CIO/CTO, BlueBin

“I don’t need to focus on how to update our systems at midnight anymore. Cloudnexa allows me to focus on long-term goals or ways to improve the business instead.”

Gerry Butler, CIO/CTO, BlueBin

The Client



BlueBin has grown to become a leading provider of end-to-end inventory management solutions and software to the healthcare industry. It aims to improve the healthcare supply-chain process via cutting-edge technology with lean methodologies and principles. BlueBin provides an operating system for managing all types of medical supplies in all areas of a hospital or healthcare environment.

BlueBin’s flagship offering, BlueBin Kanban, is a visual replenishment system that ensures supplies are delivered to the right place, in the right quantity, at the right time. BlueBin also offers BlueQ SmartScan, an analytics platform designed to replace aging and expensive handhelds with added functionality.

As BlueBin has increased its foothold, it has seen an increasing need to practice what it preaches — balancing innovation and efficiency. For Gerry Butler, who acts as BlueBin’s CIO and CTO, that means finding a trusted partner to oversee its cloud journey as well as — or better than — he would himself.

Identifying gaps in security, reliability and daily operations

Security is key for BlueBin. The company needs to provide secure access to numerous partners and hospitals while keeping their sensitive data safe. It had used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting for five years but had not modified its plan. BlueBin IT leaders wanted to ensure that they were following best practices related to security, reliability and daily operations, and that their systems were performing to their highest potential. With minimal resources, identifying improvements was a challenge.

In October 2020, at BlueBin’s request, Cloudnexa conducted a Well-Architected Review (WAR), an architectural assessment that evaluates a specific, business-critical workload and highlights differences between the current state of BlueBin’s cloud environment and AWS best practices. It revealed crucial gaps, including SQL Server versions running on AWS EC2 instances that were already end-of-life. The company needed to migrate its infrastructure to newer, supported Windows server versions and align its virtual private cloud with AWS best practices.

Putting a modernization plan in motion

With an urgent need to migrate its production workloads, BlueBin turned to Cloudnexa on a recommendation from AWS. Cloudnexa helped BlueBin prioritize needs and determine ways to improve over time, including establishing strategies for streamlining costs and improving the company’s disaster response capabilities. “I was happy with the results and the pricing fit,” Butler says. “Cloudnexa was robust and engaging. Our relationship grew from there.”

BlueBin then implemented Cloudnexa Managed Cloud Support to provide proactive 24/7 monitoring, patching and support. The company also implemented Cloudnexa Cloud Architect Manager to help plan, design, and optimize its AWS deployments, including working through priority areas, mitigating waste, ensuring products are up to date and implementing product upgrades.

Migrating and modernizing AWS infrastructure

Cloudnexa helped migrate BlueBin’s AWS workloads and built a new development environment. As a result, the company gained operational efficiencies, improved governance and optimized costs. Butler says Cloudnexa made migration easy and engendered trust. “The best part of working with Cloudnexa is having a company I can trust. It’s knowing they have our best interests in mind, they will help us accomplish what we need to, and that they are able to suggest the right way to do it,” he says.

Cloudnexa Managed Cloud Support provides Butler and his team the ability to offload work — cutting as much as 25% from their workload. “I don’t need to focus on how to update our systems at midnight anymore,” Butler says. “Cloudnexa allows me to pay attention to long-term goals or ways to improve the business instead.”

Working with Cloudnexa, BlueBin also improved its disaster recovery plan and implemented a solid recovery strategy. Cloudnexa is also helping BlueBin address challenging and complex Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance requirements with an eye on selling to federal government-owned healthcare organizations.

Finally, Cloudnexa is helping BlueBin revolutionize its processes so that BlueBin can achieve its primary goal: doing the same for the healthcare supply chain. “Cloudnexa keeps us moving forward,” Butler says.

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About BlueBin

BlueBin simplifies the supply chain process for healthcare. Reducing cost, waste, and allowing clinicians to focus on what matters most: providing quality care. BlueBin designs and implements an efficient supply chain system to ensure that healthcare organizations and clinicians have the supplies they need, when they need them. The company's end-to-end solution and approach involves lean manufacturing techniques and helps increase efficiency, eliminate waste, reduce cost, and improve patient focus and care.

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