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  • March 30, 2018

    What to know: Restoring Multiple Copies of a Database on AWS RDS SQL Server

    Amazon RDS for SQL Server supports native backup and restore procedures. But you can’t restore a backup file to an RDS DB instance multiple times to create copies of the database. Is there a way to get around this limitation? This post documents one such approach.
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  • July 5, 2017

    What To Know: SQL Server Database on AWS RDS

    Amazon RDS for SQL Server is a relational database management system provided as-a-service, which makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale SQL Server deployments in the cloud. But are you aware of all the caveats and limitations? Find out if Amazon RDS for SQL Server is the right fit for you.
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  • June 22, 2017

    Au Revoir, Windows Server 2003

    What does the date July 14, 2015 mean to you? Are you having trouble thinking of anything? Don’t panic. You did not forget your Great Aunt Ethel’s birthday, or your 9-and-three-quarter-year anniversary (but take this as a reminder to mark your calendar for those things). So what does that date mean, then? Drumroll, please: It[...]
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