DevOps Deployments with Codeship and Cloudnexa Hosting packages


Simplifying your deployment process with a continuous build and deployment solution like Codeship. Completing this integration can be a critical piece in your software development lifecycle. Below we will cover connecting Cloudnexa's starter hosting packages to Codeship via SFTP.

  1. Login to Codeship and find your public ssh key pair. Navigate to General -> SSH Public Key. Copy this key and save for later. More Info

  2. Next login to your vNOC account. After navigating to Hosting -> Packages, you will see the hosting summary screen, from here select your package name / package id number and click the Details Icon.

  3. Select Remote Access Task and enter the ssh public key from Codeship.

  4. In about 5 minutes you will see connection details show up.

  5. Cloudnexa Starter Hosting packages require IP addresses to be authorized for access to the environment. Codeship can be configured to whitelist a small set of IP addresses to gain access to our SFTP instances. Login to Codeship and navigate to Settings -> Enable Whitelisting. Use these IP's for the next step. More Info

  1. Authorize the Codeship IP's Address for access. Login to vNOC and navigate to Tasks -> Authorize IP for SFTP Access.

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