Service Level Agreement

An issue has a severity level which indicates its importance. The currently defined priorities are listed below.

Business Impact

Urgent Impact (4 Hours)

Critical business impact: You are unable to use the application, resulting in a critical impact on operations. This condition requires an immediate solution. Urgent Impact Severity level is reserved for Production issues only.

High Impact (8 Hours)

Significant business impact: The application is usable but limited. High Impact Severity level is reserved for Production issues only.

Medium Impact (12 Hours)

Some business impact: The application is usable with less significant features (not critical to operations) unavailable.

Low Impact (5 Days)

Minimal business impact: The problem causes little impact on operations, or with reasonable circumvention to the problem has been implemented.

SLA Levels 24x7

SLA Service Level
Severity Level Response SLA Resolution SLA Non-Standard Standard*
Urgent 30 Minutes 4 Hours X
High 1 Hour 8 Hours X
Medium 4 Hours 12 Hours X X
Low 24 Hours 5 Days X X

*In reference to the SLA, guidelines are set and described within Cloudnexa’s Scope of Support and Schedule A to follow best practice and/or compliant related environment. If these are not in accordance to the outline descriptions, SLAs are not guaranteed and client Service Level “Non Standard” applies.

Cloudnexa Support Request Procedures

Step 1

Open a ticket via one of the available contact methods requesting support. Upon ticket creation a severity level will be assigned. See the following link for expected response times

Step 2

If you are not satisfied with the progress based on the SLA defined by the severity, request an escalation to a Senior Support Engineer.

Step 3

If you are not satisfied with progress after an additional 1-hour request escalation to the Support Shift Manager.

Step 4

If you are not satisfied with the current progress, please request an escalation to be reviewed by a Senior Manager.


Scheduled Maintenance

Systems are scheduled for maintenance every 3 months.

Emergency Maintenance

If system emergency maintenance is required, it is scheduled for the following morning during support hours.