About Phynd Technologies

Phynd Technologies offers healthcare systems an Enterprise Provider Data Management (EPDM) solution of SaaS applications and professional services that securely gathers, manages and shares high quality provider data to improve clinical communications, revenue cycle, provider search, operational productivity and risk management. Phynd is the first healthcare IT company to offer an EPDM solution that combines external and internal data sources to create unique composite provider profiles crucial for healthcare business processes and patient care.


The Challenge

  • The Phynd Platform, the core of the EPDM solution, is an integration engine that manages import of data 24/7, critical to the Phynd business. Phynd was looking for an updated baseline architecture that would balance immediate technology needs/constraints, along with the economic allocation of resources. The new architecture would need to be robust and flexible enough to accommodate as-yet unidentified requirements, while allowing for the potential expansion or consolidation of resources in the future. Although Phynd was already working with an AWS managed service provider (MSP), they were not getting the level of service they needed. Specifically, they wanted to know the real-time status of their applications at all times and, if an issue arose, that there was a documented set of processes to mitigate and resolve the issue(s) without any customer impact.

The Solution

  • Phynd chose Cloudnexa to support their AWS environment and immediately saw the impact of the Cloudnexa MSP framework. Cloudnexa initially helped Phynd migrate and refactor their existing environment into a scalable, highly-available, and forward-facing architecture. Then, via a phased approach, Cloudnexa helped Phynd transform and innovate by integrating cutting-edge technologies and practices into their application design, deployment & delivery. Some examples include replacing/augmenting existing components with SQS queues, Elasticache & CloudSearch, transitioning the database tier to the highly scalable and durable AWS Aurora managed relational database service, orchestrating secure software defined networks (SDNs) between Phynd and their client base, and introducing DevOps methodologies with Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Using an AWS-centric best-practices approach, coupled with state-of-the-art account configuration tools including Cloudnexa’s own vNOC management sy stem, Cloudnexa allowed Phynd to focus on their application and their clients. Cloudnexa was able to provide 24/7 operational support including resolving issues at the instance or operating sy stem level, assistance with third-party software, new client onboarding, coordinating with Phynd personnel, ensuring routine maintenance and runbook-related tasks were properly communicated, etc. Cloudnexa’s global team of support engineers seamlessly support Phynd’s application environment, meeting the organization’s operational needs and delivering a superior experience in AWS.


Phynd has benefited from a strong partnership with AWS and Cloudnexa. Due to their long -standing relationship with AWS as a Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Servicer Partner, Cloudnexa was able to take full advantage of the tools AWS had to offer. Cloudnexa knew how to properly architect the environment end-to-end and eliminate tedious, manual, operational tasks with their vNOC platform. Furthermore, Cloudnexa implemented a complete monitoring and alerting solution, along with custom, predefined remediation procedures to ensure Phynd was able to mitigate any service outages. Additionally, Cloudnexa helped Phynd reduce costs through instance optimization, instance reservation, and by refactoring application components into cloudnative “as-a-service” counterparts that would ultimately improve application availability, durability, and performance. Phynd Technologies has been very happy with the professional service and responsiveness of the Cloudnexa team, and their deep and current knowledge of AWS. Cloudnexa was originally introduced to Phynd by Phynd’s AWS account manager. After a careful review and analysis of top tier MSPs, the Phynd systems architect chose Cloudnexa based on the diversity and breadth of AWS experience. The partnership with Cloudnexa has been a great experience and Phynd would definitively recommend Cloudnexa to a friend or colleague.

About Cloudnexa and AWS

Cloudnexa represents limitless potential with the power to transform small businesses into industry leaders and scale global organizations into agile innovators. At Cloudnexa, we help you harness that potential and leverage it to achieve any goal you can imagine. We engineer solutions for success on your terms.

Next steps

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