AWS renews Cloudnexa’s Managed Service Provider status for 7th straight year.


We’re excited to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has renewed Cloudnexa’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) status for the seventh straight year! Why are we so excited about this?

Cloudnexa’s Expertise Recognition

What does it mean to receive the AWS MSP status? The AWS MSP Partner Program recognizes leading AWS Consulting Partners that are highly skilled at providing full lifecycle solutions to customers. A rigorous audit by a third party has proven Cloudnexa to be a next-generation service provider—our entire team is proud of this recognition!

The goal of the MSP Program is to recognize AWS partners that provide the best AWS Cloud managed service experience for their customers.

AWS MSPs provide the expertise, guidance, and services to help clients through each stage of the Cloud Adoption Journey: Plan & Design > Build & Migrate > Run & Operate > Optimize.

Third-party validation of Cloudnexa’s Capabilities

The AWS MSP Partner Program also incorporates the use of a rigorous and detailed third-party validation audit. The validation process has become increasingly difficult each year as AWS has continually raised the bar for partners to be “next-generation.” The audit includes:

  • 96 validation checkpoints.
  • Must achieve 100% compliance on required checklist items.
  • A 6- to 8-hour Preassessment Session with an objective and experienced third-party MSP auditor to prepare for full audit.
  • A 2-day third-party audit of all checklist items and capabilities.
  • Six months of evidence required for some checklist items.
  • Detailed security requirements.

I like how the AWS MSP program and audit continually pushes the envelope, challenging us to iterate and reach next heights each year. It aligns well with our personal and professional commitment for excellence.

High-quality and consistent customer experience assurance

Cloudnexa first received the AWS MSP status in 2015.

The MSP Program requires an annual performance-based renewal to ensure high-quality and consistent customer experiences. AWS MSP partners are expected to continue to drive innovation and excellent customer experiences, as well as grow and develop their practices. Partners must demonstrate that they have:

  • Successfully launched projects within the past 12 months.
  • Continued compliance with all current MSP Program requirements.
  • Remaining in good standing at the AWS Advanced or Premier tier.

This program proves our capabilities, not only to AWS, but to our existing and future clients. We are passionate and hyper-focused on our clients’ success.

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